Politics of the Media business

Hi. 2018 is about closing and we are all ring to start reviewing what happened – or didn’t happen in the past year to our business plans.

Well, this year end isn’t going to be about merriment for most media industry professionals – the year-end is marked by the surge in political campaign activity as we watch politicos trying to reach-out to the public, something every planner, buyer and content creator has to grapple with as they and brands seeks to access the ever-fluid market place…

Before you switch off and say its none of your business, consider this; In Qtr. 2, 2015 – after the elections in Africa’s most populated nation, business activity in the Media & Entertainment sector dropped by over 50% and didn’t return to pre-election levels till after the 3rd Quarter! (source: PwC – Ovum: Africa Media & Entertainment Report, 2017).

Given the highly publicised role of media professionals such as the Saatchi brothers Thatcher-era UK’s elections and the boost the TV ad-spend during US election campaigns, what’s the role of local media practitioners in campaign strategy, planning and media buying? Beyond outdoor and below-the-line item productions (T-shirts, caps, badges and posters), how is the local media industry making inputs into the major campaigns?

We’d love to hear your comments and anecdotal stories of interacting with the non-cognoscentii who control campaign budget spends… Do they get value for their spend? How do they monitor and measure maximization of this spend? Do they consider their candidates or parties as brands that should be managed?

More on this when you guys contribute.

Later we’ll survey the fast-moving media landscape as Africa plays catch-up with old media (TV, FM radio, outdoor and print), the mobile access revolution is already drawing the eyeballs of the fastest-growing market segment – youths… Online advertising are already here with Google and Facebook controlling 46% of global Ad-spend in 2017, already local affiliates of multinational FCMG purveyors are facing online platforms such as YouTube. How are you planning to create digital content for these platforms? Where are the skill-sets for this type of content creation, planning and media monitoring to found? Will your resources be in-house or out-sourced? Are their ready-made billing solutions that brand managers can grasp and explain to the fin ace departments?

We’d love to hear from you on this blog.

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