Football, Football TV Show (1996 – 2002) – Content Creation

Client: Greenworld Communications Ltd

Job: Program Content development  – “Football, Football” (1996 – 2002)

Problem(s): Creating a new program concept involved:

  • Content material Rights acquisition
  • Production costs beyond budget
  • Distribution/syndication of material
  • Creation of Agency/advertiser awareness

These range from:

  • Scripting, recording, editing and even presentation of in-house researched Free-To-Air channel-sourced materials.
  • Network – content provider income split distribution arrangement.
  • Direct marketing to media contractors of agency networks.


  • Pioneered soccer analysis chat show genre in Nigeria – pre-dating DirectSat TV’s EPL offerings!
  • Innovated numerous advert windows to categories of sponsors by mixing AV and CG graphics on presentations.
  • Syndicated on a mix multiple public and private terrestrial channels.

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